We will be there in your perfect or maybe your not so perfect day….
You have planned your big wedding day,, the beautiful red roses, the stylish callalilies to adorn the church,,,the rings were bought 6 months in advance, all of your friends rehearsed the dance,,the entrance,,,the speeches,,,then the big day comes…

All your hired vendors are right there, including your photographer and video camera man or lady….the mass went as planned,,,no major issues,,,,you head towards the ballroom,,,and then it happens,,,as you are walking towards your designated table,,,your aunt Louis decides she wants to greet you with a big hug,,, because she hasn’t seen you since you were 10……she dashes towards you, bringing not only the tablecloth with her,, but the pozole that she was eating…the pozole bowl splashes right in your white taffeta dress……grains, meat, and everything now are part of your dress’ décor…..yes, we will be there to capture that moment!!

You can cry or you can laugh!! It’s your choice to react…we will be there to capture the moment,,,regardless!!!

So who cares! You are married to the love of your life!! Nothing will change that!

Go on, cleanup and move on,,, there’s photoshop….or maybe not……..just move on,,,be happy, that is what life is about!!

At least you had a clean dress for the mass! Let’s stay positive.

Has this happened to us while photoshooting? YES!. And its all about the reaction…not the action that you can’t control…

So know that not everything in your wedding or quinceanera party will turn out the way you planned,,, buy HEY,,,let’s have fun!! Just rest for the big day, relax and have fun!! 

So take a deep breath, life is not perfect,, but you can make the best of it!!